jadelle insertion

The Jadelle implant is a form of contraception for women, to prevent pregnancy. It contains progestogen, a hormone similar to one produced by your ovaries. It does not contain oestrogen. The implant is referred to as a long-acting form of contraception, which means that once you have had it fitted, you don’t have to remember about it every day or every time you have sex – until the next implant is due. The implant lasts for up to 5 years. Its effect is reversible which means that your natural fertility returns to normal when the rod is removed.

Dr Lizzie Loudon, Dr Mike Tolmay, and Dr Caroline Christie all insert and remove Jadelle implants.
You will need an appointment with any GP to discuss if Jadelle is the right option for you and to do a prescription. You will need a 30 minute appointment for the Jadelle insertion.

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