Jill Emerson

Coming from a background of administrative and customer service positions, Jill joined the St Martins team as a Medical Receptionist in April 2020.

In early 2021, as a result of staff changes, Jill was asked to take on the Practice Manager position.  While this felt at times, like being ‘thrown in the deep end’, ultimately the challenge, while daunting, has been rewarding, and this is primarily due to the support provided by the whole team as she has grown into the role and learnt about the Health sector.

To relieve the stress, Jill still enjoys playing hockey, or walking in the hills or quietly working on a jigsaw or reading a book.

While my Availability blocks below my photo, show I work full-time, I actually work 9 days/fortnight and have every other Thursday off.

Jill Emerson
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