making an appointment

Our team at St Martins Medical is committed to ensuring you can see your doctor or nurse for the care and support you need.

Phone reception to book

In most cases, for an initial consult, it is best to see your doctor in person to ensure we can assess your health most accurately.  This will ensure that we can provide the best diagnosis and create the most appropriate care plan for you.

However there are many situations where a phone appointment, or virtual consultation can be appropriate, including follow-up consultations.

Appointments are generally 15 minutes, and this can be extended when you book if it is appropriate for your situation. Please discuss with the receptionist if you are unsure how much time you may require.

Phone and Virtual consultations

These can be appropriate in many circumstances, and can be booked via the Patient Portal.  If you are unsure if a phone consult would be appropriate please phone and discuss the option with a receptionist.

Phone and virtual consults incur the same costs as in-person consultations, but save you travel and waiting time, as the GP will ring you as close as possible to your booked time, which allows you to keep doing what you’re doing until they are ready to speak to you.

Book online

Enrolled patients are able to book appointments with their provider via the Manage My Health patient portal. If you are already registered on the portal you can access by clicking on the link here.

Manage my Health