A general practice pharmacist works directly with patients, and in partnership with the general practice team, to make sure your medicines help improve your health and wellness. They take part in medicine-related quality improvement activities in the practice and provide medicine advice to the general practice and healthcare professional team.

Our general practice pharmacist can:

  • Provide medication reviews that aim to improve health outcomes
  • Offer advice and education to patients so they can understand the purpose or use of their prescribed medicines
  • Educate about medication safety and ways to reduce wastage of medicines
  • Reconcile patient medication lists from hospital and specialist documents to ensure current prescriptions reflects what medicines are taken.

Seeing the pharmacist does not replace an appointment with a doctor. You will still see your GP when you need to.  If you would like to make an appointment with our general practice pharmacist, please contact reception on 03 337 0991. Appointments available on a Friday morning.