health improvement practitioner (HIP)

What can the HIP help with?

They can help with any issue that causes you stress or affects how you see your life right now.

If you have a longer-term condition, we can work together on a plan, so you can get the most out of your life now and in the future. People come and see Hazel when:

  • their mood is down – they don’t feel their usual self,
  • anxiousness/uncomfortable feelings are getting in the way,
  • work/life balance is lop-sided,
  • relationships are under strain,
  • parenting throws up challenges,
  • drugs, alcohol, gambling use is on your mind,
  • long term conditions invite a chat about living strongly,
  • managing anger and other strong emotions positively,
  • just meeting and sharing useful information is beneficial,
  • their GP or nurse suggests it may be helpful and they agree!
How can a consult help you?

Some people report that they have increased confidence; can manage their emotions more easily; have ‘tools’ to calm them when worry, stress or pressure abounds; find it easier to make important decisions or just find life’s stress eases by simply talking an issue through. Other people tell Hazel they find the information sharing helpful. Each person is given a plan to work towards improving things – so change can often happen straight away.

What do consults involve?

Consults generally take between 25-30 minutes. We will go through a whole health, quick questionnaire that you may complete before or during our session. We will identify areas of your life you are thriving in and focus on the issue most important to you. There is the option for follow up and you can make an appointment whenever it suits you.

What is the cost and when can you book?

These sessions are currently fully funded by the Ministry of Health and are Free to you. Hazel works Monday and Thursday (full days),  and Tuesday afternoons. Same day appointments are often available on her days of work. We suggest you call early in the morning (from 8.30am on 337 0991) for one of these as they are popular.

Is this a counselling service?

This service is not a counselling service; however, some people do find a HIP consult helpful if they are waiting for a counselling appointment with another service provider, or if they want to discuss their counselling options. Sometimes just talking something over can help if you are not sure about what may be helpful.

How does the HIP work with the Doctors and Nurses?

Any team member can refer you to the HIP or you can refer yourself. There are often same day appointments available. Just ask. Whenever you visit Hazel, she will update your GP and/or nurse. Hazel will also make notes into your medical file so they are aware of how you are going and our plans. As a team, we do work together. However sometimes people like to talk to me about matters that they don’t want recorded. That is fine as long as you and the people around you are safe, the session will be completely confidential.

When is the best time to make an appointment?

There is no wrong time to book. Hazel has seen people who just want to discuss their life balance or health concerns, and others who are feeling a lot of stress or emotional distress. There is no wrong appointment.