Ange Tiller

Ange is the mother of three gorgeous girls and has lived and worked in the St Martins Area for a long time. This has given her the opportunity to know the patients well, and she considers it an absolute privilege to share in our patient’s whole life journey.

Ange has now had the pleasure of completing the childhood vaccinations for children that she had started their child vaccinations for as 6wk old babies.

She is particularly interested in diabetes management and has done some extra training to be able to initiate and titrate patients who need to start on insulin treatment and loves working with patients from the moment of 1st diagnosis or even diagnosis of prediabetes to manage this as well as possible and sometimes help patients to avoid ever going on to develop diabetes, or to help them manage their diabetes to the best of their ability.

Ange is a very social person and enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, walking and whenever time permits, paddle boarding.

Ange Tiller
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